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Primary Curriculum 2019-20





When children start at The Spires Academy they have often experienced rejection, had extended periods of time out of education, have low self-esteem and their anxiety levels are high. Our curriculum is designed to give children the skills they need to become rounded human beings and develop the skills they need in order to become successful learners. We believe strongly that until children feel safe and happy they will not be able to learn effectively.



Ready to Learn Curriculum


Topic Based Learning




Enrichment Curriculum




Ready to Learn combines the key skills that are required to be able to learn effectively: resourceful, resilient, risk taker, relationships and reflective. These are embedded throughout the curriculum, with children being made aware of the skills they are using through positive reinforcement using picture representation. Assessment of social and emotional needs has a direct impact on the activities undertaken in class.


Topic Based Learning is the vehicle through which we deliver our curriculum intent. There is a focus on developing the key skills of reading, writing and maths through engaging activities, encouraging group work and a focus on personal development. French is taught more discreetly due to visiting staff. Where possible, outdoor learning and trips are encouraged. Learning is flexible and adapted to each individual child’s unique needs.


The Enrichment Curriculum allows children the opportunity to experience things they may never have done, take risks and develop confidence. This part of curriculum involves outdoor learning, sports activities and functional cooking skills. We use the DfE Activity Passport to guide this part of our curriculum.


Approach to Reading


The Spires Academy use the Read, Write, Inc. programme as a basis for teaching reading. Where gaps are identified then interventions are put in place on a personalised basis. For more information regarding interventions please see our SEN information report.


We are currently testing software packages to tailor a 'whole school approach' to reading and more information on this will be available over the coming weeks.


For more information on our curriclum offer, please contact Rachel Clews, Assistant Headteacher for Primary Provision.