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The Spires Academy fully recognises the responsibility we have to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people

We encourage children at The Spires Academy to speak to any member of staff if they feel worried or concerned. However, we are aware that sometimes it can be difficult to talk to an adult. We encourage children to report anything they feel worried or anxious about using the link below.

Any reports made on here will be shared with Gemma Roberson, the Head of Safeguarding for Catch22.

Designated safeguarding leads


The designated safeguarding lead for The Spires Academy is Emma Adams, Headteacher, who can be contacted at or on 07738 074988


The designated officers for Northamptonshire County Council are:

  • Designated Officer: Administrator 01604 364041
  • Designated Officer: Andy Smith 01604 367862
  • Designated Officer: Christine York 01604 362633


Links to other organisations


The Spires Academy works with many other organisations and agencies to support and safeguard the young people with whom we work.


If you are worried about yourself or someone else, the following links may be useful in directing you to an organisation that can help: