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Term Dates 2019-2020

Term Dates 2020-2021


School Term Dates 2019-2020

Term 1

Training Days                                        Monday 2nd  and Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Term Starts                                            Wednesday 4th September 2019

Term Ends                                              Friday 25th October 2019


Term 2

Training Day                                          Monday 4th November 2019

Term Starts                                            Tuesday 5th November 2019

Term Ends                                              Friday 20th December 2019


Term 3

Training Day                                          Friday 3rd January 2020

Term Starts                                            Monday 6th January 2020

Term Ends                                              Friday 14th February 2020


Term 4

Term Starts                                             Monday 24th February 2020*

Term Ends                                               Friday 3rd April 2020


Term 5

Training Day                                            Monday 20th April 2020 

Term Starts                                              Tuesday 21st April 2020

School Closed Bank Holiday                 Friday 8th May 2020

Term Ends                                                Friday 22nd May 2020


Term 6

Term Starts                                                Monday 1st June 2020

Term Ends                                                  Friday 17th July 2020


Training Days

Within the 195 days there are 5 staff training days. Pupils are required to attend for 190 days.


*The move to our permanent school site will take place around this time and parents/carers should be aware that we may need a 2 weeks half term to ensure children can safely transition between the 2 sites. Confirmation will be given as soon as we are able. In the case of the 2 week half term the school will reopen on Monday 2nd March and not Monday 24th February